At Watermark Living™ we pride ourselves on using only the best materials for our products.  From making sure that we keep a green initiative in the forefront of our efforts to being extremely meticulous about the details of each product, Watermark Living™ strives to continuously be a leader in material sourcing. 



  • Non-Rusting:  This is extremely beneficial in areas where moisture is present.  From coastal cities to lake front homes, aluminum is tough under extreme weather conditions, especially those with high humidity.
  • Durable and Long Lasting:  Aluminum is exceptionally sturdy and designed to endure the elements because it is solid throughout.  Most aluminum patio chairs will provide at least 15-20 years of use.
  • Virtually Maintenance Free:  For the most part, using a typical garden hose to rinse off the patio furniture will do.  In more extreme cases of stubborn residue, a little warm water and soap will usually suffice.  Besides cleaning occasionally, there is really no other upkeep. (Care & Maintenance)
  • Solid Durability:  Unlike many other types of metals aluminum is hard to bend or break.  Because of its weight and rigid design, it is the perfect material to be used with outdoor furniture, as it will feel more stable than some other types of furniture.
  • Astonishingly Affordable:  Because of aluminums low cost, Watermark Living carries that over for your benefit on your bottom line.  

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apowdercoating.jpgPOWDER COATING:

  • Efficient:  Thanks to electromagnetic charge used to hold the powder to the part, there is little waste created in the process.  This saves time and money in the production process.
  • Cost Friendly:  The raw materials used in the process are purchased specific to the size and specifications of the job at hand.  The powder itself is less expensive that wet paint from the beginning.
  • Durability:  In terms of the finish itself, powder coating is known for being far more durable than other paint options.  It is resistant to scratching, flaking and corrosion.
  • Variety:  One of the greatest assets to this type of finish is the huge range of colors and finishes to choose from.  There are few other paint options that can compete with the range and versatility of powder coating.
  • Environmentally Safe:  The powder used in powder coating is free of solvents and other chemicals, which makes it environmentally safe for use and for disposal.  The process releases no harmful chemicals into the atmosphere, and produces less overall waste throughout spraying. 
  • Overall Quality:  Both the application and curing process used in powder coating create a quality finish that is unlike any other paint.  It is not subject to unevenness, running or dripping, which are common among wet paints.  As a result, it does not require sanding or refinishing if a mistake is made.
  • Maintenance:  No special cleaners or solvents are needed to keep powder coating clean.  It can be wiped down with regular, soapy water and rinsed off.  Because the coating is so resistant to scratching and corrosion, wiping the parts clean a few times a year is enough to keep them healthy for many years to come. (Care & Maintenance)

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temp-glass.jpgTEMPERED GLASS:

  • Safety:  Tempered glass breaks into small, circular “pebbles” instead of jagged shards, which allows it to be used in areas such as high wind or extreme use locations.  It is the main reason this type of glass is used in car windshields.
  • Strength and Durability:  It is exceptionally strong and can withstand strong weather changes easily, be it strong wind pressure, tornado, or heavy rains.  It is much stronger than regular glass, hence the reason such applications include windows in skyscrapers, car windows and table tops. 
  • Quality:  The tempering process does not affect the transparency of the glass, which provides a clear view that is necessary for the window, table, etc. while maintaining structural rigidity.  
  • Heat Resistant:  Tempered glass can resist temperature up to 200-300 degrees!  Since heat is applied during the development process, the molecules become more resistant to higher temperatures.
  • Designs and Variety:   Watermark Living offers a variety of designs and patterns that will fit in any living space. 

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  • Durable:  Although rattan is lightweight and made with natural fibers, the furniture is very resilient to everyday use.  In fact, furniture made with rattan can last much longer than furniture made from wood. (Care & Maintenance)
  • Versatile Appearance:  Not only is rattan durable, but it also has a classic look that makes it ideal for indoor and outdoor use.  Regardless of the finish, rattan furniture will blend with any décor or color scheme.
  • Resilient to Harsh Climate:  Rattan fibers are so durable they can withstand severe heat and the bitter cold.  It is best to keep natural rattan from being soaked by water to increase its life span.
  • Environmentally Efficient:  Rattan harvesting and processing provides an alternative to logging timber in areas where forests are scarce. It is easier to harvest that timber and is also easier to transport, and it also grows faster than trees. 

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a-resin-wicker.jpgRESIN WICKER:

  • Materials:  Resin wicker is made from synthetic materials and looks similar to natural wicker.  This offers the opportunity for any outdoor living space to have this type furniture no matter the weather.
  • Durability:  It can withstand exposure to rain, and other weather conditions.  Because of its durability the lifespan of resin wicker is exponentially longer than other materials.
  • Maintenance:  Requires only a minimal amount of upkeep.  It can easily be cleaned with a garden hose. (Care & Maintenance)
  • Versatility:  Not just durable, but also fashionable, resin wicker is ideal for seating as well as tables or just about any type of outdoor furniture.
  • All-Weather Ready:  Resin Wicker works well in any type of weather condition or climate.  Not only is it water-resistant but it can withstand humidity, hail storms, extreme cold or abundant heat.
  • Aesthetics:  Comes in many colors and styles, making it very versatile and able to fit into just about any decor or motif.
  • Affordability:   Whether purchased by piece or in a set resin wicker is a much more affordable choice over other materials in the outdoor market.   

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  • Durable:  Won't splinter, check or rot and will last for years to come.
  • All-Weather Ready:  Superior color retention, even in the harshest of weather conditions and climates.
  • Pest Resistant:  Unlike natural wood, Polisoul™ is resistant to insects and termites.
  • Investment:  Will outlast wood for a better investment.
  • Virtually Maintenance Free:  Easy to clean.  This faux timber doesn't require an annual paint or stain.  (Care & Maintenance)  
  • Ecological:  Polisoul™ doesn't require the destruction of trees and is made from recycled products.  It is also chemical free.

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