Watermark Living™ will strive to make each customer's experience enjoyable.  We will always attempt to be the best specialty furniture source in our ever expanding marketplace by providing quality products and services as measured by our customer's satisfaction, our company's reputation and profitability.


How we accomplish this is as important as the mission itself.  We will maintain these basic values.

People  Our people are the source of our strength.  They are our company in the customer's eyes.  Their productivity and innovation provide our corporate intelligence and determine our reputation and vitality.  Together we will strive for continuous improvement.  Involvement and teamwork are our core human values.

Products -   Our products should be a pleasure to own.  We will strive to offer the best selection, quality and value to our customers.

Profits -      Profits are the ultimate measure of how efficiently we provide customers with the best products for their needs.  Profits are required to succeed and grow.  


Knowledge & Experience - Watermark Living™ has been sourcing outdoor and rattan products for almost 40 years with long term relationships with factories whose quality has proven to stand the test of time.  These long term relationships are the foundation of success for the company.

Fashionable Product - The success of the company has come from remaining true to classic transitional and contemporary design elements.  This philosophy helps Watermark Living™ maintain the position of a core vendor.

Value - The company's philosophy is to never be the least nor most expensive, but rather the best value in the market place.

Availability - Products in the Watermark Living™ line are inventoried in the Largo, FL distribution center.  In stock items can ship in as little as 48 hours with American made special order cushions shipping in under 3 weeks.  This costly function the company provides eliminates the need for a dealer to stock a lot of inventory thus increasing the gross margins of inventory investment as well as huge end of the season markdowns.

Attention to Detail - We buy in quantity directly from some of the best quality manufacturers around the world.  Then we have them build to own specification and even higher standards.  Design, detail, finishing, construction methods and comfort are all strictly controlled.  We do the little extras to insure the look, comfort and durability are right.  We address "head on" and virtually eliminate the common problems encountered in this type of furniture.

Tested & Proven - We do not offer products for wholesale until it has been tested and proven for quality and sale ability.  Any glitches are discovered and resolved before you ever see it.  

Options - At Watermark Living™, we offer more than 250 special order fabrics in two grades!  This adds to the value of the sale and simplifies the selling process.  The fabrics used are only the highest quality in the outdoor industry including Sunbrella® and Outdura®.  We also accept COM fabric at no additional charge.  Each collection has several table size options and price point options throughout the line.

Credit Policy - Watermark Living™ holds its own paper.  Not only does this reduce prices, it also keeps us from competing for the same factored open to buy from other lines.

Customer Service - The mission of customer service is to resolve the issues a dealer may encounter in a satisfactory and timely manner.  The department is highly automated which allows any issue to be resolved both quickly and correctly.

Complete Casual Resource - Watermark Living™ offers maximum choice with a minimum footprint for a small investment.  From deep seating to casual dining, lighting and accessories indoor and out is what makes our company a complete resource.  

Readily Available Information - Our sales representatives and dealers have a huge library of information of all Watermark Living™ pos signage and tagging, images, product knowledge documents, maintenance and repair instructions.  There are no fees for this resource and this provides the dealer with a immediate access to anything they need.

Guaranteed Freight Rates - A dealer never has to second guess what the freight will cost as the company provides the rate to each territory for warehouse, curbside and white glove delivery.

Programs - Our program allows the dealer to reorder for the next season (6 months) the collections put on their floor.  This allows for increased sell through at aggressive price points, thus improving the dollars per square foot.  In addition, the company will revert to a one price list model enabling all dealers to purchase off wholesale rather than discounting off a retail price, simplifying the ordering process.

Private Label - This is a program the company developed to help the dealer network to compete against the growing E-commerce presence in the market.  It also helps the retailer compete against local distribution allowing for additional margin dollars.