Wicker & Rattan

Supplies Needed

  1. Wood Furniture Polish
  2. Clean, Soft Rag
  3. Vacuum with Soft Brush Attachment
  4. Murphy's Oil Soap®

Always wear eye and skin protection to prevent liquid or other materials from entering your body.


Dust buildup should be periodically removed. Using a vacuum cleaner equipped with a soft brush attachment is very effective if your furniture features rich details or wicker.

Soil or Dirt on Finish:

If you see there is dirt or a stain on the rattan or wicker frame of your furniture, you should first use Murphy's Oil Soap® or similar product and a soft rag to remove the soiling.  If this is not effective, a clean rag with acetone, fine grit steel wool or sandpaper may be used. When using acetone, fine grit sand paper or steel wool, proceed slowly being careful not to remove the finish.  


If you wish to polish your rattan furniture, any over the counter wood polish such as Pledge® or Old English® can be used. Simply follow the instructions provided on the bottle.


Watermark Living™ warranties their wicker, rattan, upholstered furniture against manufacturer defect for the following terms:

Rattan or Wicker Furniture Frames: 3 years

Furniture Finish: 1 year

Cushions: 1 year

Fabric: 1 year

Upholstered Furniture Frames :10 years

Upholstered Furniture Springs: 3 years

Sleeper Sofa Mattresses: 1 year

Mechanical Mechanism: 1 year

Warranty Disclaimer:

Warranties listed on this document are not exhaustive and will be serviced at our discretion. All warranties described herein apply to residential use only. These warranties are intended to provide a remedy for damage or failure resulting from a manufacturer defect. Conditions resulting from abuse, neglect, improper care or usage, accidents, normal wear and tear, or acts of nature are not covered. Fading, pilling and soiling of fabrics is not warranted. Furniture used in a commercial setting is not covered under the warranties described here. Natural wicker, rattan and upholstered furniture is intended for indoor use only. Damage or wear resulting from using this furniture in an area open to the elements will not be covered.

Contact Us:

For more information regarding warranty service and specific service or warranty related issues, please feel free to contact us by email at service@watermark-living.com or by toll free telephone: (727) 254-5536.