• Durable:  Won't splinter, crack or rot and will last for years to come.
  • All-Weather Ready:  Superior color retention, even in the harshest of weather conditions and climates.
  • Pest Resistant:  Unlike natural wood, PoliSoul™ is resistant to insects and termites.
  • Investment:  Will outlast wood for a better investment.
  • Virtually Maintenance Free:  Easy to clean.  This faux timber doesn't require an annual paint or stain.  (Care & Maintenance)  
  • Ecological:  PoliSoul™ doesn't require the destruction of trees and is made from recycled products.  It is also chemical free.


PoliSoul™ is made from different blends of thermo-formed plastics, UV-inhibitors (material that blocks the transmission of UV radiation from the sun - UV resistant.), foaming compounds, and selected process additives.  The material is then cleaned thoroughly by a decontamination process until it reaches it highest purity level.  This process removes contaminants such as food, residue, adhesives, and paper from the material.  It is then heated and molded into rigid "board" material resulting in an eco-friendly and finished product well suited for outdoor furniture.

PoliSoul™ lumber is like no faux wood you have ever seen before.  The material is beautiful as well as structurally sound, easy to maintain (Care and Maintenance) and can withstand the harshest of weather conditions and climate lending to it's durability and long lasting quality.