• Materials:  Resin wicker is made from synthetic materials and looks similar to natural wicker.  This offers the opportunity for any outdoor living space to have this type furniture no matter the weather.
  • Durability:  It can withstand exposure to rain, and other weather conditions.  Because of its durability the lifespan of resin wicker is exponentially longer than other materials.
  • Maintenance:  Requires only a minimal amount of upkeep.  It can easily be cleaned with a garden hose. (Care & Maintenance)
  • Versatility:  Not just durable, but also fashionable, resin wicker is ideal for seating as well as tables or just about any type of outdoor furniture.
  • All-Weather Ready:  Resin Wicker works well in any type of weather condition or climate.  Not only is it water-resistant but it can withstand humidity, hail storms, extreme cold or abundant heat.
  • Aesthetics:  Comes in many colors and styles, making it very versatile and able to fit into just about any decor or motif.
  • Affordability:   Whether purchased by piece or in a set resin wicker is a much more affordable choice over other materials in the outdoor market.   


Resin Wicker is made from polyethylene resin fibers in order to create a sturdy product that has the appearance and comfort of wicker furniture but also more durable, thus being able to withstand the harsh outdoor elements.

For many who are interested in creating a sustainable space outdoors that they do not have to frequently maintain, resin wicker is a wise choice.  It is perfect for areas where changes in weather are particularly drastic, resin wicker can be left outside all year long.  Many choose to cover or move their furniture to a shed during the snowy or rainy seasons, simply to ensure it is well preserved and the wicker is cared for, however, it is not necessary.  When resin wicker is made, the resin is typically woven over aluminum frames, which means the furniture will not rust, warp or change shapes.

Technology in outdoor resin wicker has been so good as to afford the most natural looking product ever.  New textures, extrusion processes and colors with more depth, bring a new dimension to synthetic fibers for a more rich and high-end feel.  It has the ability to act like natural materials, while being able to retain the lowest possible maintenance schedule and the least amount of care to keep it in optimal condition.  Because of this, resin wicker is a perfect choice for commercial applications, part time tenant homes and restaurants.  

The low maintenance factor of resin wicker adds to the long list of properties to make it unique in the world of outdoor furniture.  It is approachable and forgiving; can withstand wild variations and extremes in weather and outdoor conditions; is easy to care for, looks amazing and lasts a long time without any noticeable degradation in integrity or looks.