We understand products get damaged and would like to work with you to get any service claims resolved.  Please follow the steps below or fill out the form below to get the process started.

Please refer to our WARRANTY before submitting a claim.  Also note, that a freight claim must be made within 1 week of receipt of merchandise.  No claims will be accepted after this time.  Once shipments are accepted, damaged merchandise is the responsibility of the customer.  

MAKE SURE you inspect all packages and report visual damage to the carrier upon acceptance.  Watermark Living™ will not accept any freight claims outside of the 1 week receipt of merchandise.  Before filing a claim please make sure all boxes are counted, open and inspected to avoid multiple claims.  This will help speed your claim process.


Step 1:          Notify us of your concern 

E-mail:          Send us an e-mail to service@watermark-living.com with clear pictures attached of the concern 


US Mail:         

Watermark Living™

6303 126th Avenue North

Largo, FL 33773


Fill out the SERVICE CONTACT FORM below.


Step 2:          Please Use the Information Below To Submit A Claim

  • Your Company Name
  • The Original Invoice Number
  • The Original PO number
  • Description of what is wrong with the item
  • Pictures of each item claimed
  • A complete picture of the entire item with a concern
  • A close up that clearly shows the concern
  • The end consumers name and replacement purchase order number (if applicable)  

We will always treat each request as if you need a replacement sent. If you wish to receive credit instead of a replacement you must request it. 

Replacement items are not billed for and would be off-set by the requested action to receive credit for the damaged piece. 

The maximum credit that could be given toward repairing an item is 20% of the value of the frame. (this credit is given at the discretion of Watermark Living™) 

Remember, we think like a retailer and want to be included in your decision making about our product. Watermark Living™  wants to recognize any reoccurring manufacturing issue that may present itself to correct it from happening in the future. Allow us to service you and make good company decisions for you, your customer, and ourselves. 

In most cases we will ask you to donate the damaged items. You will have to verify this with a donation receipt before receiving credit.