PoliSoulTimber has grain and looks just like Mother Nature created it,but it has absolutely no wood in it. Not a single tree was cut down to make your PoliSoul furniture. I know it is hard to believe with how beautiful it is and the way it feels.Since it is a full synthetic product it will never shrink,crack or expand giving you years of great looking space with minimal maintenance.



Do Not Place Hot Items On Surface

Our beautiful PoliSoul Timber is not completely heat resistant. Care should be taken to protect the surface ofthe materialfrom fire,sparks,hot containers,or open flame. Prolonged contact from a heat source can cause the surface to become shinny or melt and distort. 


When you perform maintenance and cleaning always keep safety in mind. Protect your eyes and skin from chemicals by using eye protection,protective clothing,and gloves. When using any type of cleaner,especially bleach,do so in a well ventilated area.


Regular Maintenance

Regular cleaning of PoliSoul Timber™ is easy. A wet dish towel to wipe the surface down after each use is sufficient. We recommend the application of Turtle Wax ice to give your beautiful new furniture added protection.  By applying Turtle Wax Ice on your furniture it will make it even easier to maintain. Application is simple,spray and wipe.  Applying Turtle Wax Ice is very similar to using pledge,and just as easy. 


Eventhe hardest dried on spills are simple to resolve. Most can be taken care of with a wet dish rag. Occasionally a little more effort is required. For best results don't spot clean,clean the entire area. It is important  to note that the table must be fully dry before making an evaluation on your efforts. Take the time to let the top completely dry before escalating your method. Follow the grid below:




Light scratches and surface marring

Like any beautiful table you can scratch the surface if you drag items across it.  Here is the great news with PoliSoul

Timber! It is very easy to fix. 

Some people like the natural used I repurposed look. Just keeping using the table and it will gain character over time.  If you want to keep its appearance "out of the box" new follow these easy steps to remove marring and light scratches.


1.   Use a dust mask or other protection to avoid inhaling dust generated from this process

2.   With a firm grip on a large clean wire brush, with moderate pressure press down and stroke in the direction of the grain.

3.   Work an area larger than the spot to blend the texture you are creating.

4.   Stand back and adjust your viewing angle to make sure you have removed the affected area. Repeat step #2 till the concern is no longer noticeable

5.   Clean the area by sweeping a nylon brush in the direction of the grain

6.   It is recommended that you reapply Turtle Wax Ice to the entire table top to make it easier to clean.