Why Rattan & Wicker?

From a practical standpoint, rattan is extremely rugged, durable and can last a lifetime, if well constructed. Families with very active children select rattan because of the tremendous beating it can take. Most of us know a family who has passed rattan or wicker furniture down for generations. It requires very little maintenance and is the preferred choice for many homeowners. The timeless appearance of rattan, when well designed, is enduring and extremely versatile. Rattan never goes out of style! Plus, seating pieces typically have the added advantage of separate seat and back cushions which can be easily removed or recovered eliminating expensive upholstery costs.

The current trend toward natural materials has brought an even greater appreciation for rattan furniture. It pairs well with live plants, pottery, baskets and other hand crafted accessories. It can reflect a warm, springtime feeling in any season. Rattan and wicker blends with ease into formal or informal settings. Also, it is equally comfortable as a stand-alone accent in a formal setting or as a coordinated grouping in a complete room.



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